About Me

My name is Kevin Brennan. I have been a hardware/software development engineer since 1975. The majority of my work has been focused on mission critical hardware and software production. A core precept of my work is reliability, redundancy, and up-time optimization through rigorous analysis and testing frameworks for hardware & software systems. 3rd party certifications/audits are routinely provided through DNV, LLoyd’s, etc. for compliance certification for both hardware & software systems.

I provide services to the Industrial, Petrochemical, Medical, Nuclear, Subsea, and Defense industries. My recent work has been focused on real-time redundant mission control of subsea Oil & Gas assets, SIL 2-3 safety implementations, ISO standard 13628-6,7,8 compliance, API 17G.

Software expertise with C, Cvariants, Swift, Labview, LabWindows, Python, SQL, Java, Javascript, JS Frameworks (Angular, React), Mobile Development (iOS Native, Swift, React Native, Ionic PWA), Web Development, and SCADA systems.

Hardware engineering disciplines (Mechanical, Structural, Thermodynamics, Electrical, Electronics, Control, Power, Reliability, Quality, Cost). Primary areas of expertise are ultra low noise high precision instrumentation in both time and frequency domains.

CAD/CAE/2D-3D Modelling expertise (SolidWorks, FEA,  Altium, Orcaflex, Altera FPGA, Synopsis, Cadence, XiLinx, SPICE modelling).

High speed Data analysis through MATLAB and custom external software hooks.